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HIV/Aids is the most serious threat faced by South African youth

HIV/Aids is the most serious threat faced by South African youth
- Youth leaders have neglected this very important topic. While ARVs have drastically increased life expectancy in SA, it is important to note that the number of HIV positive people is still increasing. I remember few years ago talking about 5 million HIV positive South Africans. Today we have more than 7.1 million HIV positive South Africans.
HIV isn't business, we must never be selfish and celebrate people making profit  out of HIV epidemic. We must never be comfortable with more people getting infected, we can't celebrate mediocre. Researchers and donors need to be reminded that our main objective is to have an HIV free generation. The 90 90 90 global strategy is problematic in a sense that it doesn't highlight the importance of prevention. How do we explain the fact that we have PreP and it know to be highly effective on prevention but there is no clear strategy of promoting it to the South African youth.  We are promoting ARVs more than we are promoting prevention.