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Uganda: Dilemma As Catholic Priest Condemns Use of Condoms

Uganda: Dilemma As Catholic Priest Condemns Use of Condoms
- Despite significant progress made in the fight against HIV/Aids because of the "ABC" strategy, there is a dilemma among the Catholic community whether to continue using condoms or not.
This is due to the Catholic Church stand, which discourages the use of condoms.
Rev Fr Godfrey Aliunzi, the Obongi Catholic Parish Priest said: "When we say we prevent HIV/Aids by use of condoms, it is like giving a bicycle to a person without breaks and telling him that he is free to ride other than telling him that he can easily fall down."
Fr Aliunzi said Christians should control the spread of HIV/Aids from having unwanted sex because sex is supposed to be done in marriage.